Notice & Terms

Do you have a physical store? 

BLOSSOM22° is a business company registered under the Hong Kong Business Ordinance. Customers can conveniently access to our 24-hours automatic quotation and ordering online system. Our physical store is located in the Shatin area with the possession of our in-house delivery team. Our main services are to provide a series of flower related products for sales and delivery within Hong Kong.

How do you deliver your products to the receivers?

As a professional florist, all of our products are delivered to the customer’s designated locations by vehicles and in person to ensure that the products reach the receivers safely. We never send products by mail except for overseas delivery. Photos will be taken upon arrival of the delivery and will be sent back to the purchaser to confirm and complete the entire service process. For customers who have booked a hotel room or restaurant as the delivery location, one can provide us with the reservation information and we will deliver directly to the concierge under the customer’s reservation, photos upon delivery will be sent back to the customers as confirmation. For customers who wish to pick up the products in person at shop, one can contact our staff to make arrangements. 

How to order products and what are the payment methods?

Order on WebsiteOur Company provides a 24-hour online ordering system, customers can easily complete the entire purchase process and payment transaction on our website. Once the order is placed, the system will send out notifications of the successful order by SMS. Our staff will also contact the purchasers via Whatsapp or email within one hour to confirm the order.

Order by Whatsapp Customers can also place orders with our staff directly through Whatsapp.

Payment methodsOur Company accepts VISA / MASTER / AE / PayMe / FPS or bank deposit.

After the order is confirmed, can the delivery information be changed?

If customers need to change the delivery location or the delivery date, please notify us the change at least 24 hours before the delivery date. If the notification less than 24 hours , we may not be able to make rearrangement. For details, please contact us for more information. Can the floral arrangement of the products be changed? Customers can order customized products mainly based on the selection of the main flowers only. The lining flower will be determined by our Company. Customers can suggest the preferred color tone and we will make adjustments according to the desired color tone. Some of the flower materials or lining flowers may be unavailable due to seasonal changes, our Company will substitute them with similar flower materials without prior notice.

How long is the shelf life of the floral products?

【Fresh Flower Bouquets]】Keeping fresh flower products healthy depends on the condition of the environment where the flowers are stored. In general, storing at room temperature with good air ventilation, flowers can be maintained at the best condition for 2-3 days. Great differences in temperature, stifling, warmth, lack of water, direct sunlight or poor circulation of air, etc. accelerate the withering of fresh cut flowers. On the other hand, daily replacement of fresh water, avoiding high humidity and keeping good ventilation can extend the life of fresh cut flowers.

【Preserved Flowers】Under normal indoor conditions without exposure to moisture, preserved flowers can be kept for 2-3 years. If stored properly, the products can be kept for a longer period of time under dry conditions.

【Rose Bear】 is made of PU (sponge-like) / silk flowers and can be kept for a long time. *The floral products are hand-made, If there is any problem with the products, please notify us to handle within 24 hours after receipt.

Delivery time and special delivery Arrangements for special days (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas Day)

Our Company offers 2 delivery time slots: [A] 0900-1300 and [B] 1300-1800 for customers to choose from. An additional delivery charge of HK$100 is required for delivery at "designated time"(such as 3PM / 1-2PM).

The "designated time"  charge is also applicable for delivery outside the period 9AM-6PM. * If customers wish to avoid delivery during a certain time, such as lunch time or off-work time, please notify us to make relative arrangements.

Special days: Valentine's Day (13/2, 14/2), Mother's Day, Christmas (24/12, 25/12)
Our delivery team will plan the delivery routes according to the orders of that day. Options for the delivery time slot will not be available and all orders will be arranged to be delivered within 9am-6pm.

P.S. According to our past experiences, in order to be more efficient, we will separate the orders into 16-20 delivery routes based on different regions, all with its own vehicle and delivery staff. Under normal circumstances, all orders will be delivered before 3 pm.



As all the floral products we create are handmade, the flowers used are single-use materials. Hence, once customers have placed the orders, the transactions cannot be cancelled or refunded.


As all of our products are handmade and unique, the finished products may be slightly different from the displayed photos. As the fresh flowers and preserved flowers we use are from natural plants, it should be understandable that such flowers may vary in shapes and sizes. It may also happen that certain small parts of the flowers or leaves have slight cracks and we cannot guarantee the natural plants to be 100% perfect. Therefore, perfectionists please have a deep thought before placing the order.

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