Notice & Terms

1) 花藝手工製品,獨一無二,成品或會與展示相片存有差異。
2) 產品相片顏色或會因手機、室內外色溫或光暗而存有差異。
3) 所有花藝製品一經訂購,其交易不能取消或退款。
4) 花材形態恕不能保證100%大小均一及完美無瑕,超完美主義者慎選。
5) 除主花外,襯花花材如有短缺情況,將由本公司自行以其他花材配襯並不作另行通知。
6) 產品如有問題,須於收貨後24小時內通報處理。
7) 如產品有重大問題,本公司會以一換一形式更換。
8) 客戶如有修改送貨地點,日期或時間,請於72小時前通知,少於72小時之附加費用及詳細安排可聯繫我們或參閱 FAQ常問問題。
9) 公司車隊是以順路沿途派送為原則,貴客如有特定時間上安排,請選擇指定時間安排送貨。
10) 如送抵指定地方無人接收,將安排管理處或座頭代收,或安放於送貨地點門外,拍照確認以完成訂單。如派送遇上地址不正確,或重新派送一律將收取$150基本運費(如偏遠地區地區在另加該區運費)
11) 客戶請按送貨日期選擇相對之【時段折扣】及【早鳥優惠】選項,如因選擇錯誤引起付款不足,需補付差額以完成訂購流程,而因付款不足而需作信用卡退款均一律收取 4% 平台手續費用。


1) All handmade floral products are unique, the finished product may not look exactly the same as the photos displayed.
2) The color of product in the photos may vary due to shooting by mobile phone, indoor and outdoor color temperature, or light and dark environments.
3) The products and materials used are for single-use. Once the ordered is placed, the transaction cannot be cancelled or refunded.
4) The shapes, sizes and states of the floral materials used cannot be guaranteed to be 100% identical and flawless. Perfectionists please consider carefully before purchasing.
5) Apart from the main flower, if there is a shortage of lining flowers, our company will decide to match with other lining flowers without prior notice.
6) Should there be any problem with the product, it must be notified to us within 24 hours after receipt.
7) Should there be a major problem with the product, our company will replace it with the same product.
8) If customers need to change the delivery location or the delivery date, please notify us the change at least 48 hours before the delivery date. If the notification less than 48 hours , we may charge the extra cost. For details, please contact us for more information or check the FAQ.
9)The order of our deliveries are arranged according to the delivery route. If customers require a specific time delivery, please add the “Specific Time Delivery" option to your purchase.
10) If there is no one at the designated place upon the arrival of the delivery, we will ask the building management department to help collect the product on behalf of the receiver. However, if the management department refuses to collect the product, we will put it safely outside the designated flat. Photos will be taken and sent back to the customer to complete the order. If the delivery is required to be rescheduled by the customers after the arrival due to whatever reasons, including wrong address or wrong dates. encounters an incorrect address or wrong date, etc., and you need to re-deliver, a basic shipping fee of $100 will be charged. For remote areas, the shipping fee will be added. (If fresh flower products need to be resent, they will only be processed within 24 hours)
11) Please make sure the delivery period and the early bird offer selected are correct. If the selection is incorrect, the amount difference has to paid up in order to complete the order process. In case if the payment is insufficient leading to a credit card refund, a 4% platform fee will be charged.


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