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Posted on October 09 2019

About Us

BLOSSOM22° - A florist blossoms at 22°N latitude

Blossom22° was established in 2019, the idea of our brand name came from the location of Hong Kong which is at latitude 22°N in the world map, representing we are a flower shop based in Hong Kong. 
Blossom22° 品牌成立於2019年,命名概念取自於香港位於地球上的緯度 22°,以此表示一所定位於香港的實體花店。

我們的設計理念 Design Philosophy

We follow the principle of  “Simple & Neat, multi-colour matching” in our creations. We believe good products should have a combination of  the “Visual Balance” and  the “Excellent Finishing of the Actual Products”. Therefore, the colour harmony and perception of touch when holding the real product are elements for our main focuses. The true value of a bouquet does not depend on how many flowers are being used, sometimes too many flowers can have adverse effect on the overall appearance. Hence, we prefer to simply get back to the basic and focus on the quality of flowers and packaging of the bouquets. 

創新意念 Creative Concepts

Apart from the bouquets themselves, we also put great effort in developing a series of bundled services, for instances, our original “Engraved Wooden Board”. Not limiting to our a few hundreds in-house designs, images can also be custom-made according to customers’s thoughts. Although imitations of our wooden board idea are subsequently appeared in the market, the quality can never be compared to ours. We design the layout for free as profit margins are not of our concern in this part, we only hope that our customers can physically keep the wooden boards as part of their memorable moments.

In addition, our original “Video Message Card” is another key optional product. Through the lively videos, customers can convey their messages as a surprise to their loved ones at another level, upholding our motto of “WE ARE HERE TO BLOSSOM YOUR DAY”.
除此以外,【影像心意卡】亦是我們自主開發的重點產品之一,透過影像,更深層次地為客人傳遞另一份驚喜,秉承我們 WE ARE HERE TO BLOSSOM YOUR DAY 的宗旨。

線上線下整合 • 完善購物體驗
Perfect Shopping Experiences with Online and Offline Resources

In order to provide a platform for customers to shop and purchase our products anytime, apart from our physical store, we also strive to  improve our website from time to time. Allowing customers to have a better understanding of each of our products, we provide clear product shots or videos taken at difference angles  on our website. Along with the options of our add-on products, such as the Wooden Board and Video Message Card, customers can easily complete the purchase all at once on our website.

In accordance with the seasonal cost adjustment, our website has  launched an automatic quotation system from which customers can get the quotation instantly by choosing the specific delivery period. In order to encourage customers to place their orders earlier to facilitate our preparation for the floral materials, we have also implemented an “Early Bird Offer’. All the charges are clearly listed on the website, customers can easily get the quotations and make the purchase online all by themselves according to their needs. 


品牌結晶 Brand Building

We emphasize on every single detail, from product quality, options of add-on products, website development to the flow of our service system, we endeavour to make every step a perfect step. This is how we build the value of our Brand.

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